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H&b Sensors manufacture a custom safe area and hazardous area temperature sensors including platinum resistance thermometers and thermocouples. All hazardous area sensors are available with ATEX Exia, ATEX Exd or IECEx Exd certification.


H&b Sensors manufacture solid drilled, fabricated and one piece forged thermowells to exact customer specification. Available process attachments include threaded, flanged, weld in and hygienic style connections.

Certified Products

H&b Sensors manufacture and supply a wide range of ATEX Exia, IECEx Exia, ATEX Exd and IECEx Exd assemblies and components for use within hazardous areas and harsh environments.

Level Float Switches

H&b Sensors manufacture custom built Level Float Switches suitable for both high and low liquid level measurement and are available as safe area or ATEX Exd certified assemblies.

Miniature Heaters

H&b Sensors manufacture a select range of high temperature Nickel and Inconel sheathed Miniature Heaters with operating temperatures of up to +900°C.

Special Assemblies

H&b Sensors has over 34 years experience in the instrumentation industry and in this time has harnessed a considerable wealth of technical information and knowledge ensuring we are well placed to find solutions to even the most difficult of applications.

About the company

H&b Sensors is a leading UK multi-industry provider of temperature, level, pressure and flow measurement instrumentation to primary industries around the world.

The core range of products manufactured by H&b Sensors includes bespoke Temperature Sensors (PRTs and Thermocouples), Thermowells, Level Float Switches and Miniature Heaters.

H&b Sensors' team of design engineers are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality products in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 certified management system.

Our mission is to improve performance, efficiency and innovation whilst creating and maintaining long lasting customer relationships built on a foundation of customer service and engineering excellence.

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Industries we work with

H&b Sensors supply temperature, level, pressure and flow measurement instrumentation into a 
wide range of industries including the 
aerospace, chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical and power generation sectors.

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